“My Journey”

As my journey in life, comes to an end,
My mind slowly, fades away.
Lain in the dust, of winters snow,
Where fallen, I have today…

For I hear, the songs of angels,
It’s music, in my mind.
As dark clouds, pass over head,
My story’s written, in time…


© November 28, 2010

Words Used: Snow, Journey, Written, Angels, Music, Dark, Clouds.

“To Walk The Clouds Of Heaven”

He hath not walk,
Among the roads of death.
Sorrow and pain…

But to walk,
The clouds of heaven.
To live,
Once again…

So come with me,
Those who believe.
And forever,
Live in peace…


© November 10, 1984

This poem was inspired by my mothers’ death

“Always Mr. Right”

I’ve tried to be your everything,
You know that it’s true.
But time couldn’t wait for me,
God took me, from you…

But know that I have loved you,
With all my heart and more.
If I could do it over,
I’d try harder, than before…

I wouldn’t of wasted,
So many years.
Passing you by,
And all of your tears…

I’d of never, let you down,
Would of, always held on tight.
Never fooled around,
Always Mr. Right…

Now I know that I’ll never,
Have that chance again.
I just wish that I had,
Before my life had end…

I wish I’d of known,
My time was coming near.
That I didn’t have the time,
To dry up, all your tears…

I’d of never, let you down,
Would of, always held on tight.
Never fooled around,
Love always, Mr. Right…


© August 5, 2008

“Don’t You Give Up”

I’ve seen the distance, you hold in your eyes,
Though many months past, you wish you would die.
Tryin’ to hold onto, a love that can’t be,
You see no future, there without me…

You feel you can’t go on, living your life,
With so many questions, bottled inside.
You just want to give up, lay down and die,
‘Cause now you can’t bear, the tears that you cry…

Drowning in rivers, from the tears that now flow,
You just feel if you gave up, then no one would know.
How much you’ve suffered, and nothing you’ve gained,
From all the tears cried, now falling in vain…

‘Cause without me, beside you,
You feel, your life pass.
With no one, to love you,
How long, can you last…

You’ve suffered in silence, there all alone,
You feel as though God left you, now on your own.
But He always held you, through all that’s now past,
Hopin’ you’d see, a future that lasts…

With love all around you, now can you see,
He never left you, while in misery.
He’s kept His promise, to stay by your side,
So don’t you now give up, nor lay down to die…


© February 1, 2010

“If I Could Just, Have A Dream”

For I now, live with loneliness,
And dreamless, summer nights.
Breathless, as my fears,
Take control, of my life…

Trying, to hold on,
To what’s, left of me.
Whoever that is,
That I now, cannot see…

For tears, as they run,
Streaming down, upon my face.
Is all now, that I see,
Or, ever taste…

That taste is one,
Of which, I’d love to pass by.
If I knew, I couldn’t find you,
But know, I’d still try…

Try to find a time,
To be again, as one,
To laugh as we did,
When love, had just begun…

I need to feel your presence,
Holdin’ onto me.
Need to hear your voice,
As you whisper, softly…

I need to hear you say,
That it is, I’ll be alright.
And that the days that had passed,
Will fly by, like the night…

And sooner than I think,
I’ll be there, next to thee.
This is why, I need you darlin’,
Here, within’ a dream…

For just to see your face,
Smile once again.
And feel the touch, of your lips,
Soft against, my skin…

Would make me feel, so alive,
And my tears, they would pass.
If I could, just have a dream,
I’d wish this, to be my last…


© July 21, 2009